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We are an official UK supplier for all Tear-Aid products. Tear-Aid is a revolutionary peel and stick transparent and watertight patch that can genuinely repair tears and holes in almost anything, giving you the opportunity to save money and repair, not replace your damaged equipment.

Unlike inferior products, Tear-Aid holds air under pressure, even when it's stretched or compressed, this flexibility makes it ideal for all types of repairs on dinghies and inflatables. Tear-Aid is so flexible and adaptable, the patch remains adhesive in all extremes of temperature, making it useable all year round. Tear-Aid is an extremely elastic, incredibly tough patch that will always recover to its original size when stretched.

There are two types of patch available an all-purpose fabric patch (Type A) and a specific version for vinyl products (Type B). Between them, they can repair tears and holes in almost anything.

Each patch version comes in a wide variety of patches, strips or on a convenient roll, Tear-Aid can be easily cut with scissors for a perfect fit.